Monday, March 26, 2007

Loyalists cry over Devil May Cry on Xbox 360 - Joystiq

Loyalists cry over Devil May Cry on Xbox 360 - Joystiq

I'm *almost* lost for words. Nah, I can bitch about anything.

My newest "trip" is that exclusives are annoying as hell. Should we really have to buy a console that we may not even want, just to play select 3rd party titles? They're 3rd party, so why the unnecessary loyalism?

I like Final Fantasy, sans IX and XII. But I can't play the upcoming wonder that is XIII without a PS3. That's just lame, because I don't touch the black taco unless there is a VERY good reason to do so. If it goes multiplatform, the PS3 is gone instantaneously.

You don't see Xbox fans running at the mouth about Ninja Gaiden Sigma going to the PS3. Wah. I think it's great that those with Sony-blinders will get a chance to play that game. Many gamers missed out on what the Gamecube and Xbox had to offer because the PS2 was undeservingly popular. Now they get a chance to play what they missed. What's the problem?

Personally, Sony can have DMC4...I wouldn't miss it. But sharing is a good thing in any case.


Anonymous Raymond "Rayeh" Dubisky said...

Haha, I think one reason there isn't much moaning about sigma going to ps3 is because we've already played the same thing two times. I'm waiting for an actual sequel.

I agree with you about 3rd party loyalty. If their environment allows cross-platform development without substantial costs, they're giving up potential revenue. Especially if they're developing primarily for the ps3.

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