Tuesday, March 20, 2007

EB Games is expecting a "new" Xbox 360 (AKA Zephyr?)

I've got a meeting in 7 minutes so I'll make this quick. One of my informants brings interesting news:

we received a corporate e-mail yesterday that states we are waiting for allocation numbers before opening a reserve sku on the "new" xbox360. also the new game informer confirms the release date as end of april for 479.99

$480? I hope that's not just for HDMI and a bigger hard drive. Like I've said, the Xbox 360 performs over component just as well as the PS3 over HDMI. But if it is a black wallet will be in trouble yet again. LOL

Cue the Sony fanboys to blabber on about how you can get a Blu-ray Player for $20 more (even though it sounds like some are trying to discontinue the lesser-but-more-realistically-priced model). Let's have a moment of silence for my unused black taco....

Thanks, Dan!


Anonymous Dapper Dan said...

it also includes the hdmi calbe which is always a plus.

8:07 PM  

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