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Mark Rein: PS3 "the one to beat" - Kotaku

Mark Rein: PS3 "the one to beat" - Kotaku

And Sony gets one on their side! Good job on that, Sony. Now make my PS3 purchase worthwhile. It's a good thing that Sony has a defense force, so we can't be in total dread of the system.

The real question is: Will the Xbox (720) will be out by the time the PS3 has a userbase?

It's hard to say at this juncture. Just remember, we don't want the PS3 to be a failure; we just want it to "lose" this time around. If Sony succeeds with their horrible marketing, over-engineering, high prices, and ridiculous PR....nothing will stop them from making it 10 times worse on the next revolution of the video game merry-go-round.


Blogger Boots said...

Don't worry dude. If they win (BIG IF), it'll be because they did something to deserve it. They will not win like they did with PS2, but if they do win, it'll be because they managed to drop the prices by controlling their cost, and of course, making a lot of games. I think Sony understands their fate depends on Final Fantasy and Metal gear right now (and perhaps Kingdom Hearts), so they will probably fail if they don't do anything about those two franchises, at least keeping them a year as exclusives. When they get an important installed base, they should pursue capcom and namco to port culcept saga, eternal sonata, lost planet and dead rising to PS3, and every other important japanese exclusive they can. After that happens, the only thing left to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft is first party. I'm betting on Sony becoming a much better first party this time around, since they need it, and of course, there are some nice Sony games queued, like lair, heavenly sword and white knight story.

We also want them to succeed like Ninty and Microsoft, which is not the same as winning ;) I really don't exactly mind who wins, as long as my purchases are validated through games and media; I'd hate to see Blu-ray lose since I have a PS3 already. (I still refuse to buy a Wii though, which I consider too expensive for what it is, ironically).



8:28 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Hey boots, long time no see.

I don't want them to lose either. However, I really don't want them to come out on top so they are forced to re-evaluate what went wrong this gen (*cough* KEN KUTARAGI *cough*) and fix it on the next go. Honestly...I think they need to to re-evaluate ALL of their products...because the quality decrease in the last decade is disappointing.

Blu-ray is probably not going to lose, which is unfortunate. It is convenient that we have a Blu-ray player via PS3...but HD-DVD's picture still bests it. They use better programming (and a more reliable language) for the special features, they already have the DVD licensing guarantying continued DVD BC. This said, I didn't buy the HD-DVD attachment for the 360.

With only Universal and Microsoft exclusively behind them...Toshiba will have to forfeit I believe. That sucks...because I work for one of their subsidiaries. An HD-DVD win would make my stock go up. LOL

2:32 AM  
Blogger Boots said...

lol, you own stock on an HD-DVD related company? Now I understand why sometimes we disagree. I do own some Sony stock. I know you must think it's terrible considering the huge investment sony is making on PS3, but I bought it when it was low... right now it's up 40% :) It's too risky, I know, but hey... risk sometimes means profit ;)

Anyway, disregarding the stock I own, I don't care who wins, as long as both formats end up being cheap so PS3 becomes cheap. I just want the format war to be over.

And yes, Sony definitely needed to get smacked for its mistakes with playStation... hopefully they already got very smacked, especially considering that this month has been filled with Sony news (Devil May Cry, PS Home) that gives us an idea that Sony is still being smacked... but reacting... at least reacting sooner than Nintendo did with Nintendo 64. But who knows if that's soon enough.

I own both 360 and PS3, but I want my PS3 to be validated with more exclusives, so the latest news did feel like a punch in the face (and perhaps in the Sony stock).

3:02 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

I actually indirectly work for that company. ;) Thankfully their stock has been going only upwards since I bought it, albeit slowly.

Sound like you had good timing on purchasing Sony stock. I believe I was interested when it was low but didn't have the funds at the time.

I hadn't seen you online in months so I removed you from my friends list. What happened?

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