Saturday, March 10, 2007

Uprgraded again, 57" 1080p DLP, HDMI, etc...

Once again, I will probably be slow to update pictures of my rig. Out with the 27" CRT. The old 51" replaces it, and the new main television is this Mitsubishi model. What does that mean? That means 2 big screens in one room. We've ultimately geeked out.

Anyway, Best Buy almost matched the amazon price by $50. I'm glad for that, as I ended up with 2 years no interest, and I could take the TV home that day. I took the opportunity to buy a new shelf TV stand, which unfortunately makes me lay all my consoles horizontally. The look is immensely improved over the half-dozen devices piled on top of my old big screen.

What I netted: The PS3 looks "normal" finally. The system looks unacceptable through composite, s-video, and component (Monster Cable even). It's as though Sony purposely made it so you HAD to have an HDMI connection to be satisfied with the menu fonts. 1080p doesn't really do jack; the Xbox 360 still keeps up/surpasses over component. Naturally, I'll move to VGA to get the 360 in 1080p as well.

Side Note: I had to connect the PS3 back to component first in order to switch the setting to HDMI. Talk about annoying. The Xbox 360 "gets it" and adjusts automatically accordingly between it's available connection options.

1080p + HDMI + Blu-ray? Still not that impressive. I think upscaled DVD is STILL the way to go. It's the most cost effective option. The benefits of having the full-fledged setup just don't justify the annoyances and costs involved. I'm glad I'm just in this for the games, otherwise I'd be one disappointed consumer.

Overall, I'm happy with my upgrade, although further sickened by the PS3's assault on our pocketbooks for essentially nothing in return. After all of this, the last Sony advocate in the household is ready to buy an Xbox 360. He makes fun of me for buying a PS3 now, even though he was supposed to be the first one to get it.

Once I get settled into my new setup, I'll be sure to continue with my reviews. I'm working on Phantasy Star Universe, Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Bullet Witch at the moment. So far, I cannot recommend any of them, but we are in a game drought at the moment.


Anonymous Dapper Dan said...

i had high hopes for bullet witch, it was such a letdown.

i will have to send you some pics of my setup along with all my "toys". 2 of which you will really like. a 12" alien and 12" predator from AVP. both of them are mcfarlane.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

*eyes open wide*

AVP????? LOL

Likewise, I'll have to show the two walls in my bedroom with the ALIENS/AVP collection. When I buy my own house in the next year or two, I'm probably going to need a dedicated room for my ALIENS stuffs. My parents still have boxes of stuff at their house that I need to pick up when I have a place for it. ;)

Bullet Witch was an awesome idea that was executed so poorly (like Sonic for Wii). I don't want them to give up on the franchise, because they could make that game really great with the appropriate effort and financial backing.

At least we can always fall back on playing 51+" Halo 2 side-by-side. LOL

11:22 AM  

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