Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What I'm playing, and my console standings

What the hell, Suicide? What are you doing?

I've been quite busy as those who read know. My job is kicking my ass quite a bit, but I'm surviving.

Lately, I've been playing Halo 2 (360), Phantasy Star Universe (360), Sonic the Hedgehog: The Secret Rings (Wii), and Lumines Live (360 - XBLA). I play Chronicles of Riddick on the Xbox when I get a chance - thanks for the recommend on that Dapperdan.

Anyway, if anyone is curious (or couldn't figure it out), here's how I rate this and last gen's consoles (in order of preference):

1. Xbox 360 - Between achievements, a great online experience, and the most new games, I spend most my time on this console.

2. Nintendo Wii - I still love to play Wii Sports, although the gusto has died down. I did get a hold of 4 remotes in total, so some super-tennis games are coming. The Wii's Sonic is a great idea that was executed poorly. I play it anyway, because it's fun.

3. Xbox - I still keep these around for local Halo 2 matches and the occasional non-BC game. I actually miss the Black and White buttons a little bit.

4. Playstation 2 - I really don't play this unless I have to. God of War 2 is coming, but I'd rather play it here than on the PS3 (read: I like rumble and the graphics aren't screwy even with an "update to fix it" on the PS3). I *might* try a couple more RPGs before completely retiring my fat and slim PS2s.

6. Nintendo DS - There's tons of games I need to play on this, but the small screens really deter me from using it. I don't like the DS Lite either...which probably contributes to my lack of portable gaming (the big one is tiresome on the hands).

7. Gamecube - I loaned this to a friend for the moment, but I still use it to occasionally play GBA games on the big screen.

8. PS3 - Still a waste of space in my opinion. I grit my teeth every time I try to use this black turd next to my Wii. There's no games, and it's an annoying console all around. Nobody in the house is interested in it. We check it for a pulse once in a while.

9. PSP - I've given up on this isn't any fun, and it peforms its features too poorly to hold my interest. I'd rather just play PS2. Who knows when we'll actually get FF7: Crisis Core.


You were probably going to guess that the PS3 was going to be at the bottom of the list, huh? Close enough, eh?


Anonymous Dapper Dan said...

no problem man! i told you it was a great game. it was easily the best looking on the system.

5:15 PM  

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