Tuesday, March 06, 2007

512MB memory card and XBLA 50MB -> 150MB size cap

512MB memory card and exciting XBLA news - Xbox 360 Fanboy

I can't say I'm all that excited for the 512MB memory unit. I don't even use my 64MB card. My big question is, why do they keep insisting on further supporting the "core" system? Microsoft should make strides to eliminate it altogether. The Premium packs always sell out at my local Walmarts, but the stack of green-boxed cores sit there in agony.

MS will claim "gaming on the go", but I personally feel that the times of bringing a memory card to a friend's house is over. Then again...if teens and kids are still bouncing around in these games, maybe I should retract that statement.

The real news is the size-cap being lifted on XBLA. We should see some even better content coming. It looks like we've got a slew of new games coming as well; check the link for more info.


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