Monday, February 19, 2007

PS3 gets 2nd in top five "don't buy" gadgets

AOL brings us a "top 5 gadgets you shouldn't buy" curteousy of

Unsurprisingly, the PS3 ranks 2nd. The article does manage to praise Sony for fixing some of the initial bugs with the console. The biggest reason for their "no-buy" suggestion is that there isn't much for game selection. They also imply that the 360 and/or Wii is a better value for the money (when it comes to fun).

Even better, Blu-ray/HD DVD players are at the top of the list. Technically, since the PS3 is a "cheap Blu-ray player", that puts it on this top 5 twice. Anyway, they suggest consumers avoid the format wars as the movie selection currently stinks as well as the support of online rental stores (or offline from my personal experience).

I hope all those saving their nickels heed this advice. While the PS3's purchase didn't leave me hurting for cash, there are plenty out there who will save and save only to be left with disappointment. Even if $500/600 is affordable to a person...I can't say it's worth the time or effort for such little reward.

02/20/2007 Update: Fixed erroneous link

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