Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Wii really does bring families together

We've read about turning our families into Wii-guinea pigs, but it's one of those "have to see it to believe it situations."

With plenty of forewarning, I told my parents that the next time I came over, I'd make them play Nintendo. And I promised them it would be easy and they would love it.

I was right.

Background: My sister plays Gamecube/N64 mostly for Mario Kart. My mom couldn't handle anything but Pacman with a joystiq (no d-pads). I've never seen my dad play a video game other than Wheel of Fortune two decades ago.

I was able to explain Wii bowling with a few sentences, and it only took each of my family members a couple of frames to get the hang of it. My mom hasn't laughed like that in the longest time, and I haven't seen that "fun" smile out of my dad in years. Within a couple of games, they were all bowling over a hundred. Comments ranged from "I can't believe how realistic this is," to "I like how interactive it is, and the controller is simple."

I was asked to bring a video game next weekend. That is a first. Good job Nintendo, you hit the bullseye of the non-gamer demographic.


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