Friday, February 09, 2007

DS Lite stand makes me want to upgrade... found a video of an import-required (for the moment) DS Lite stand for some hot hands-off action.

This incites me to actually write about portables because one thing I hate about the DS is that it is extremely uncomfortable to hold for long gaming sessions (think: Phoenix Wright, Metroid Prime). Although the DS Lite is well, lighter than the original, the problem still lives on. This is one reason why I don't play the DS anymore, and have never finished Metroid Prime: Hunters (even though it's my favorite Nintendo franchise).

Alas, the stand is for the DS Lite, which I've not obtained yet. But this item looks to improve my gaming experience. I don't usually take my portables with me, so this little gadget could renew my interest in the DS Lite in general.

It's only $15 at if you're interested.

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