Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PS3 would be better off with a PS2 failure? WTF?

The geniuses at Sony are at it again. PS3 fanboy reports that Jack Tretton suggested that a PS2 flop would have resulted in more PS3 love. He sticks to his guns and expectedly touts the PS3 as the "best console" (Not in my opinion buddy...give me a game that will make me turn the POS on).

Actually, I've had this idea plastered on a picket-sign in my ventures through our very own series-of-tubes (read: internet). However, I want the PS3 to fail because Sony has lost focus. They need to get back to gaming. Nintendo is mostly sticking to their light guns and keeping the math as simple as games+fun=wiin. Sony's math is more akin to "give consumers what we want them to have (Cell + Blu-ray + DRM - Rumble - Scaler - Affordability) as their opinion doesn't matter"="Lots and lots of potential profits". It would teach Sony a valuable lesson that Nintendo has already been through; keep the consumer, developer, and publisher in mind when creating an entertainment product. A PS3 failure would most likely result in a PS4 success, where they show how they learned from their mistakes with the PS3.

That's what we want to see!


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