Saturday, January 27, 2007

Resistance completed....feeling unfulfilled

Well, I made it through Resistance: Fall of Man last night. After all the praise this game received for having a story, I'm still rather unimpressed.

I found the narrated black and white story boards to be annoying. There are action sequences but their use seems so few and far between. The story becomes negligible when you just want to blast through game. Why? The story is mostly shallow and uninteresting as the game trudges on.

After the credits role by (preceded by an annoying non-boss fight), there's an expected "surprise" cutscene. It's probably the best one in the game, albeit short.

Overall, the game is solid, but even my original review is probably too generous. It seems to me that the PS3 desperately needed to have something to praise, and RFoM was the only semi-eligible candidate. Gears of War outshines Resistance in every way except having more information on the story. And I already think Gears is over-praised!


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