Friday, January 26, 2007

Carbonated Games says 'Bigger [game size] Isn't Better'. Someone alert Sony.

Next Generation - Interactive Entertainment Today, Video Game and Industry News - Uno Dev Says ‘Bigger Isn’t Better’

“From my standpoint, more isn’t better,” he says. “The 50MB cap, I think, has served its purpose. Its purpose was to demonstrate to developers that you can really do a tremendous amount in that size space.”

Microsoft pulled a smart one on us. Not only does this apply to XBLA, but to retail games as well. Not that 8.5GB is that limiting, but restraints actually reinforce creativity in any industry.

I've been in situations where complete access to a system cannot be obtained (or proper documentation cannot be found). However, using existing tools, there are always a workaround. I've solved some really annoying problems at previous jobs with this mentality. One example is companies tend to be cheap; if they don't want to pay for domain licensing, a Linux-box can do the trick.

In gaming, limitations such as these promote better programming and more effective use of resources. Size restraints lead to cutting the fat, which result in faster downloads and better performance. It really makes them think more, which can even affect gameplay in a positive way.

Nintendo has done impressive things with huge constraints. Essentially, they should be the role model the other two companies look up to when it comes to short and small games that come through with two thumbs up and a boatload of entertainment.


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