Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man not like Call of Duty (it's like Killzone with much less suck)

While Resistance is the most hyped up PS3 game right now, it certainly doesn't deserve it. One of my room mates, who is trying to stand behind Sony, even mentioned that he expected more. A lot more. The game isn't bad by any means, but it fails on many levels.

Some get brash and say this game's multiplayer is comparable to Halo. It isn't. There's no intensity, and it feels like roaming a graveyard. The necessary sounds may be there, but they just aren't...felt. In Call of Duty 2, when a grenade goes off nearby, you feel it. It's dramatic, the sound fits, and the rumble is there to add to it. In Resistance, a similar sound is there, but the dramatic effect is lost, and of course, there's no rumble. It ends up feeling extremely hollow. Unfortunately, this problem affects single-player as well.

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As for the "creative weapons", there's some great ideas there. But there is definitely a disconnect between the weapon descriptions and the weapon's effectiveness. The "Sapper" for instance sounds really handy and even more so impressive with it's multiple mine shooting and detonating abilities. The description provides a "Hell yeah, I'm going to blow stuff up," feeling. That feeling is painfully denied when the Sapper in use proves itself rather lame. It's range is uncomfortably limited, and it shoots these organic bubbles that pop into a slight spray of goo. No explosions. It leaves for serious disappointment.

Many say Resistance seems like Call of Duty with aliens. More accurately, I'd call it Killzone with solid controls, better AI, and better graphics. Yet it doesn't have the graphics of Gears or War, or multi-player that's comparable to Halo 2. The game mechanics and audio work are looking up to Call of Duty's quality, but are still learning.

However, this is the most solid exclusive FPS on a Playstation product to date. The controls can be completely modified per desire and the SIXAXIS does well for it even without rumble. The AI is good enough to be entertaining, the weapon selection is decent, and the graphics are above par. The environments are large, and while the detail is slightly lacking, there is a lot of three dimensional background "stuff" that makes this game seem a little different than any console FPS we've seen so far.

Essentially, this game is as good as the PS3 gets for now. Hopefully we'll see some better titles in the future.

-Large environments
-Interesting weapon selection
-Plenty of vehicles

-Multiplayer lacks the intensity of Halo, FEAR, or Counterstrike.
-The campaign seems like it's dragging rather early on
-The narration is abrupt and uncomfortably breaks up the gameplay

The game seems to mimic Killzone's repetitiveness and pacing. Like Killzone, the story should be more interesting than it ends up being during the game.

Rent or Buy:
This depends. If you want online FPS multiplayer on the PS3, this is your option. In that case, buy. Otherwise, rent.

MSRP: $59.99
My Appraisal: $29.99

-8.5/10.0 at
-8.6/10.0 at
-9.5/10.0 from


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