Monday, January 08, 2007

Big guns = Big fun?

Has Wayne here been hanging out with KOS-MOS?

A weary feeling has seemed to be taking its toll as of late. All the new consoles are out, and it's been a couple of months since the release of the last big game (Gears of War). Between restlessly reaching for the Xenosaga finale, getting through Eternal Darkness, and sending my 360 to the Xbox hospital, I've failed to notice that the hype train for 360 games has slowed. Maybe it needs to let the equivalent PS3 train catch up (or even get started).

Sure, I have interest in Phantasy Star, Call of Duty 3, and Tiger Woods '07 (which I purchased on Saturday). But the interest isn't enough for me to put down the entry price. *sigh*

In comes Lost Planet. It's been on my radar, but it's been there so long that the blips have been tuned out even though it's a few days away from release. I remember blasting through the demo on Xbox Live last year, and realizing that this was going to be the next big gunner after Gears. The reviews have a glut of positives somewhat hampered by a few annoyances. I have to wonder if the reviewer's opinions were tainted by the Gears experience? We'll see in any case; expect a Lost Planet review here soon.


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