Friday, December 08, 2006

My Xbox 360 fanboy days may cease

For my reference and possibly your interest, I sent this support request a few minutes ago:

Support Ticket: 1025267939

Ever since the last update about a week ago, both our 360's have been acting strangly. They would freeze randomly in no specific spot and would need to be reset often. About half of the time when trying to access the Guide, the system would hang for 30 seconds or more before allowing us to do anything.

On the night of Dec 6th, both of our consoles froze. After a reboot, both are giving the 3 red lights. We've followed all repair instructions online and on the phone via automated service. I was not able to get help from a Microsoft Agent because "systems were being upgraded" (call back later). None of the procedures have alleviated the situation.

Note: One 360 is on a battery-backed UPS, the other is not. Both sit on tables (not inside entertainment centers) with plenty of airflow and away from heat sources, so neither is subjected to adverse conditions. The power supplies are not kept on the carpet and also get plenty of airflow.

I've been extremely careful to ensure we were treating the 360's properly due to negative experiences I've read about on various internet sites. I don't understand what could have possibly caused this problem. All fingers point to that last update.

Please help,


The other Xbox 360 is DemolitionNinja's.

I tried to phone support yesterday, but we had a bad phone connection and the agent said their systems were being upgraded so he couldn't look up my information. He suggested I call back the next day.

Not that I need to say it, but I am not amused. We'll see how this goes. It's been so long since I've had a problem with a non-Sony product.


Anonymous Raymond "Rayeh" Dubisky said...

Just be persistent, I was able to have mine repaired for free after a few phone calls.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Thanks for your support.

My problem with this is that I shouldn't have to call them and go through the trouble. And I wanted to game via 360 this weekend. Now I'm stuck with the PS2.

It's just frustrating that we don't have a working 360 in the house. It makes me a bit hesitant to buy a 3rd for someone's Christmas gift.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Raymond "Rayeh" Dubisky said...

I agree, it was a very annoying problem. My 360 was manufactured a few weeks after January 1st, 2006, the cutoff date for their free repairs. After about 5 calls to customer service (and them calling me back), mentioning how much I had invested in the machine, how other people were having the exact same problems (in my case, not the 3 red lights, but a system error after a few seconds of boot), and mentioning a few class action lawsuits they offered to repair/replace (it seems that they replace them regardless) my machine for free.

My machine died at the same time that Splinter Cell: Double Agent arrived through gamefly. It only took a week to be repaired, but I had already sent SC:DA back, and rented a few DS games. Major pain in the ass, because gamefly isn't worth the price for DS games alone.

My only recommendation is to be persistent with them, there is no reason we should have to pay for a production defect.

Also, aside from the production defects they have had, I still consider my 360 a well designed machine.

2:48 AM  

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