Friday, December 01, 2006

SqueakyNinja may participate here in the future

I asked my fiance if she'd be interested in writing reviews of the games she plays. After some discussion, she's going to relay to me her experiences and I will write them up for her.

We recently acquired the latest Spyro installment for her enjoyment. Unfortunately, Gamestop only had the Gamecube version in. That's okay, it's better to be left with our second choice than the third choice (PS2). This was going to be the first game I would review with her.

Anyone interested in a girl's opinion? Her favorite games are Halo 2, Spyro, and Bejeweled. She rates the consoles the same way I do, except she's not so sure she will enjoy the Wii (and said she didn't want one for Christmas, but would rather have her own Xbox 360).

I'll take feedback on the issue, and see if it's worth the effort of getting her involved.


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