Tuesday, November 28, 2006

But to M. Bison, it was Tuesday...another roundup!

Finally...more information on FFVII: Crisis Core (for the PSP). As usually, the Japanese get first dibbs on a playable demo. Please don't let this game suck, Squenix. After FFXI and FFXII, you owe us something. Not to mention my PSP is probably petrified from non-use.

Gran Turismo HD screens are here. It looks good, but I still haven't enjoyed this franchise since it's sophomore effort.

Someone said something about Killzone, nobody gets excited. I still mourn those who think Killzone was an example of a "good FPS".

Applause goes to he who "walked out on the PS3." A writer turned his back on a PS3 purchase opportunity. One does have to wonder why he didn't gobble it up and throw it at ebay...someone would pay for it, whether it was only the 20GB version with a $70 warranty or not. I think the best part of his article is how no one locally was interested in taking him up on his offer to sell it "at cost".

My guess is that he is in agreeance with Ozymandias about the PS3: no surprises, disappointments, and frustrations.

Nintendo's Wii is doing well. I still need to find one. Nintendo, how about you "hook a brotha up?" Don't you want 600,001 consoles out there? =)

How old am I? Old enough to be around for the real-time version of the NES/SNES vs Genesis era. It looks like the Washington Post is reflecting on those days. IMNSHO, Genesis FTW! Hopefully the virtual console war will give my hero another chance.


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