Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Accessory you do it?

I realized I'm a console accessory collector. With the PS2, I bought just about anything that "could" be used one day...but usually wasn't. Hell, I even bought a used EyeToy just because it was $5 (before I even knew you could use it with the PS3).

Out of all I have for the PS2...use very little of it. I almost never use the 4 wired controllers. That also means I never play 4 player games. Network adapter? Uh...PS2 online is a joke. And a handful of console stands. Even the modchip...the homebrew was more limited than I thought. I spent a lot of wasted funds trying to "complete" the PS2 for whatever reason. Unfortunately, I ended up with little return on my investment (little usage). The ninja in me threatened to never allow myself to do that again.

Yet today, I find myself surround in white 360 accessories: 2 wireless controllers, 4 wired controllers, batteries, a recharging station, a camera, charging cables, DOA stick, a remote, and a couple headsets (wired, wireless). More stuff that I burned my money on...the ninja was bound to not be happy.

I was about to discipline myself for buying so much when I realized that this time is different. The only items in that lot I don't use are the Vision Camera and the PNC wires. Compared to the plethora of PS2 junk I have, I'm actually doing much better this time; the goods are useful! It's a little hard to berrate myself when the money is being put to use. Return on investment is good!

My friends list is chock full of gamers that get the newest game/accessory whenever they can. For unknown reasons, I always assume I'm one of very few that keep buying accessories all the time. How about you?


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