Thursday, November 16, 2006

DS Lite makes Metroid even worse for me...

I had my first not-at-a-kiosk DS Lite experience tonight. My fiance decided to let me borrow hers since she doesn't use it.

I figured this was my chance to finally play some Metroid Prime: Hunters. Playing on the fatty DS fatigued my hands after a while, so I put the game away until I could get the lighter and hopefully more comfortable DS Lite.

Unfortunately, the experience was not a good one. The new d-pad responds very poorly compared to the solid click of the fat. Samus would keep getting stuck when I tried to move diagonally; the only remedy was to push the whole d-pad down and press the directions. But that's just more hand I was back to square one.

No matter how much I want to like the sleeker new shoulder pads, I just don't like them either. Trying to press them cramps up my fingers almost immediately, since they're not very pressable with the insides of my index fingers; I have to use the fingertips.

The good news is that I think I could handle the Lite just fine...if I didn't have to use the d-pad and the stylus simultaneously. Holding the unit with both hands and not using the stylus rectifies all of the above problems. If the game was stylus-only, I'd also be okay. IT looks like I won't be abandoning my fatty DS anytime soon.

FPS games still haven't found a good home on a portable. The DS provides crampy hands and the PSP is missing a second analog. Hopefully Nintendo or Sony gets it right on the next iteration.


Anonymous Raymond Dubisky said...

I didn't like Metroid Prime: Hunters on my shiny new DS Lite for the same reasons. It cramps your hands. Badly. Even when you're used to it, you have to limit your play sessions. I'm sure going from the 360 to the DS Lite is a truamatic experience for my hand.

I have to say though, I didn't enjoy the single player for metroid prime: hunters very much. I couldn't get into it, I only put about an hour into it at most.

The biggest draw for me was the online play, which while fun, was ultimately a dissapointment as well. There is rampant cheating on it, and it doesn't appear there is anything being done about it. The game has a system in place to penalize user's who disconnect, but this also hurts people forced to sit for 20 minutes and go one vs one with a cheating little brat with unlimited health.

Eventually, I ended up sending it back on gamefly for Phoenix Wright, a game that I enjoy considerably more than Metroid Prime: Hunters.

1:35 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

I agree; Phoenix Wright is the better game for the system. I played it every possible moment I could over a 3 day period until I completed.

My problem is I like Metroid...dare I say...MORE than Halo. It's too bad this iteration had to be painful to play. Hopefully they add online play to MP3 for all to enjoy. Hello, Wii!

9:20 AM  

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