Thursday, November 16, 2006

*Laughs maniacally* PS3 can't upscale to 1080i

If TrueHD means no standard HD support, then Sony is a collection of woeful idiots. Oh wait...they actually are all the time.

The real issue is some HD televisions (including mine), only support 1080i and not 720p. However, the PS3's current offerings are at 720p standard. Rather than upscaling the 720p signal to 1080i (like the 360 does), it downscales it to 480p. Joystiq and xbox360fanboy have already joined in pointing the finger and laughing. It's deserved.

*condescendingly, I say* The all-powerful supercomputer value of a PS3 can't even upscale properly. What a POS. Remember, they are doing us a favor by taking a huge loss on each one of these ugly supercomputers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you moron, thats just saying that if ur TV cant suport 720p and the game doesnt support it, ps3 wont automatically do it. IT CAN DISPLAY UP TO 1080P, the developers are just too lazy to enalge the upscaling chip inside the ps3 do its magic

6:22 PM  
Blogger SuicideNinja said...

Sony fanboys never cease to amaze me. This post is from November of 2006; why is it getting a response over a year later in February of 2008?

My guess is that this person must have expected the PS3 to do the reading for them?

This information wasn't discovered until 2 months after this post. My recommendation to this commenter is to escort his or her misguided rantings to where it will be taken in with open arms.

I have a 1080p television, and the only game I've ever played in 1080p was Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The point of this particular article still holds true: for the company that touted 1080p until they were blue in the face, the 360 sure is making far more use of it.

7:29 PM  

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