Friday, November 10, 2006

Xbox 360's true allure this Christmas

Cheap games.

"...but they cost $60, SuicideNinja!"

Hold it!

As far as I know, the Xbox 360 will be the ONLY next generation console this Christmas to have games that cost $40 or less. Think "Platinum Hits".

$20 - Ridge Racer 6
$30 - Burnout: Revenge*
$30 - Kameo
$30 - Need for Speed: Most Wanted*
$30 - Perfect Dark Zero
$30 - Prey*
$30 - The Outfit
$30 - Tomb Raider*
$40 - Ghost Recon
$40 - Quake 4*

*My recommendations

All of the 2006 sports games should drop in price for this Holiday as well. I think many are missing this as a great reason to go Xbox 360 instead of fumbling for the PS3 this Christmas. That's an Xbox 360 Premium with 6 games for the price of a 'spensive PS3 with no game.

For the 360's sake, hopefully this information is what googler's are finding in their searches.

Edit: SFC Steelranger reminded me about some upcoming pricing rumors. Supposedly, "The Outfit" could be as low as $10 on my birthday Black Friday. Thanks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey eric, steel ranger here, didnt destructoid say that the outfit would be 10 bucks on black friday. i just bought condemned and gears but for 10 bucks im in

11:14 AM  

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