Friday, November 03, 2006

What do you think of the Xbox 360's "new features"?

I'm not sure why, but I find it a bit humorous that I was emailed about this latest update. The above picture displays the first portion of it.

On one hand, I want to think, "What idiots, the update is mandatory for Live users, so why tell them about it?" Reality head-butts me and I realize that new features are no good if people don't know about them. Not everyone is a video game blogophile like myself (no, my own blog isn't part of that 'phile).

This Fall update addresses a lot of 360-owner gripes. Video streaming, 1080p, time for Arcade games to come up, etc. The update system is proving itself to be an excellent way to help future-proof the system.

Thankfully, it's nigh guaranteed that Nintendo and Sony will have similar methods of tuning out "teh suck" in their upcoming consoles.

It's interesting to look back at negativity aimed at the 360 last year, such as these "5 reasons the 360 will bomb". The versatility of these updates seem to grant the special power of deflecting at least some antifan ammunition. Even Sony, who could no doubt "F" up a wet dream, will be able to un-F poor software design decisions they've undoubtedly already made in the SPE-attention-stealing PS3 OS.


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