Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Get your Cell Phone Ringtone Geekness on

My Nokia 6600 phone needs change. The default text-message beep is getting old, and the single Super Mario Bros 2 title ring tone is starting to get old. You know what that means, "It's hammer google time!"

It didn't take me long to find To my surprise, this site contains free midi files for all kinds of games from all kinds of video game vessels (aka consoles/arcade machines/old computers). Even better, there seems to be a song or theme for about any game you could want.

For example, I was sure to get the "Zelda Overworld Theme" from the NES section, "FF7 Aeris' Theme" from the PSOne section, and the "ALIENS Dropship Theme" from the C64 section. And naturally, a myriad of others.

Thankfully, some versions of certain themes are better than others. The more popular games have multiple options, so there should be something for everyone. Stop reading and go customize your blah-zeh phone already.


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