Monday, October 23, 2006

UMK3 arrives, excitement gets fatality'ed

While perusing the usual marketplace, I saw the advertisement for Ulimate Mortal Kombat 3 and mobbed it up like a PS3 on launch day.

After realizing that the 360's d-pad was still inadequate for these old games, I plugged in the old modified DOA4 arcade stick. Plunging into the 2" deep menu, I came to find that the controls were not customizable. Blasphemy!

This is absurd. Trying to beat Shao Khan with the buttons all over the place was the most aggravating experience I've had in a while. So aggravating in fact, that I immediately stormed into's home base and ninja'd through their horrible support section to leave feedback on this dark and dire situation.

I received a response today, albeit a contrived copy and pasted/macro'ed "We'll forward your feedback to the appropriate department" jive. However, I do give a "Liu Kang Wins" pose in their direction for the brisk response.

Instead of playing this game like I wanted to...I ended up returning to Halo 2 after a long hiatus. It's still cheap, and sniping is still for pansies. =)


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