Friday, October 20, 2006

Sony sweetness among a "forced" Toshiba bias

My ears are currently tuned in to Toshiba's assimilation-of-my-company presentation.

On a side note, the best part of this process is being constantly corrected on the pronunciation of "Toshiba". I've always thought it was "Toe-shee-bah" when it is actually quickly said as "Toe-shi-bah".

Since my eyes remain unchallenged by the video stream of big-wig jibber-jabber, I decided to do a quick scan over my favorite gaming blog-sources. Flabberghasted I became, as you surely did by the title of this entry, that there are MULTIPLE good things requiring a golf-clap towards the Sony kingdom!

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Although hardly Sony's fault, it looks like my favorite 3rd party accessory-maker is coming to the Sony-Next-Gen scene equipped with a RUMBLE solution. It seems to be an adapter that will allow you to plug in the "dated" triggerless and motion-control-less Dualshock controller into your PS3 "investment". Whatever the case, we can only hope that software ports to the PS3 retain their "rumble code" so we can retain our current 3-sense feedback from games.

As for the SIXAXIS and my previous concern about non-replaceable batteries, Sony offers the solution of replacing the entire controller if an issue arises. Naturally, they claim their batteries won't have "memory problems" so there's no need for concern. The move deserves short applause.

Lastly, some PSP-PS3 interaction is revealed. It seems that a demonstration involving starting a video on the PS3 and continuing it on the PSP was shown. PSOne games will be downloaded with the PS3 as a hub, and then transferred to the PSP at $15 a pop. Current plans involve the PS3 getting emulation software to handle these games as well. I cannot deny that this is just plain sweet, and may finally justify that $150 PSP I have lying around.

Nothing new on Blu-ray, and no, I won't be getting a free HD-DVD drive from Toshiba.

This entry wouldn't be complete without Sony skepticism, however. I can't help but feel the PS3 is going to be a techno-gadget with too many fluff features that will only be amusing in the short term (like the PSP). Games are what I care about, and unfortunately it will take a bit before any good ones grace the PS3. If I end up investing in purchasing a PS3 sooner than later, at least I can pretend to be cool and show off use all these features for a week or so.

Back to the Toshiba-takeover, my co-workers and I found the Toshiba leaders surprisingly more friendly and less uptight than other Japanese big-wigs. I think Krazy Kaz and Krazy Ken could learn a few things from their High Definition Disc rivals.


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