Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another slew of negative news for Sony? NEVER!

I'm sure some readers are getting tired of the anti-Sony banter, whether it's at my site, or dozens of other sites who have "suddenly noticed" that Sony has problems. While ignorance has been purely bliss for the last 6 years, some of us that have known all along are glad that Sony is getting the lash-back it's deserved for a long time.

On to more tear-jerking news. Wah.

62% drop in profit forecasts. Good. Everyone needs to stop buying Sony stuff. Sony TV's, cameras, and video cameras are okay; I won't berate you for purchasing them. =) Anyway, this undoubtedly stems from the battery recall, PS3 up-front losses, and lower-than-expected PSP sales.

Sony still thinks their cracks at other consoles are funny. They are wrong. I'm sure not branding the Playstation online lack of service is going to make it automatically better. It totally makes sense, right?

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To further add suck to the SIXAXIS controller, apparently the rechargeable batteries are not meant to be replaceable. Good job, assholes. As if the lack of rumble, lack of redesign, lack of good triggers, and lack of proper analog stick placement were helping matters.

Joystiq also revisits the "do we need more capacity for consoles" question. This article is rather intelligent, visiting the pros and cons of increased storage. Do we need the prerenders and extra useless features packed in just in order to fill space? Is changing discs such a hassle? Do we want less game and more fluff?

One thing I see that is forgotten, is that the cartridge to CD transition was a much different animal than DVD to [insert next format here]. Multiple cartridges would have been extra expensive, and not worth the investment. Extra discs are cheap. The downside of having to duplicate data on subsequent discs is somewhat of an issue, but it doesn't make discs more expensive.

On a side note, won't the consumer think the game is bigger if it comes on multiple discs as opposed to one disc? Remember, average Joe consumer is naive. At least in America, the APPEARANCE of bigger is better. Ponder that.

In the end, a cliche=-derived statement will do:
This is all by way of saying that when it comes to game storage, it's not the size that matters, but what you do with it that counts.


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