Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PSP batteries to be recalled? Never take candy from a Sony battery-powered device...

My smart-ass mouth opened too soon. Welcome to the age of inadvertent Sony terrorism. They've planted their "special light-show batteries" in more than laptops according to

The culprit behind all of these recalls: lithium-ion batteries made by Sony Energy Devices Corp., of Japan. Sony, the supplier of batteries to many notebook computer manufacturers, has already announced it will be executing a global exchange program for potentially hazardous batteries.

Eek! Guess what "new" controller is powered by a built-in Lithium-Ion battery made by Sony?

"The upcoming Sony recall could very well expand beyond notebook computers and could include DVD players and portable gaming devices,"

Uh-oh. Could they be alluding to the PSP? That's the only "portable gaming device" I'm aware of that's powered by Sony. I bet my fat DS is hiding from my PSP in fear of burning alive right now.

Careful with them Sony products kids. They could blow your hands clean off. In TrueHD. SNAP!


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