Monday, October 02, 2006

Itagaki sticks with 360 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma footage inside

Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks hot! Yes, it is a spruced up Next Gen version of the original Xbox version. But it looks so damn good with the new environments and effects that I think I just soiled myself. Next Gen Ninja Gaiden is just plain SEXY, and finally gives me a reason other than FFXIII to look forward to the PS3.

*remembers I'll have to use that piece of crap PS3 controller and sighs*

Oh well, I'm still excited. Hopefully we get a 360 version down the line.

In the interview, Itagaki talks about the PS2 being far too weak to handle the original Ninja Gaiden. Itagaki says that people even asked him to reduce the quality in order to get the game on the PS2. He refused.

This is just another reminder that the PS2 is by far, the most pathetically powered console of the last generation (Dreamcast not included). PlayStation fans with their Texas-sized blinders (myself included) caused a lot of lost potential with the Xbox with our lack of support.

Itagaki's continued presence in the Xbox line should help ensure a more level playfield this time around. Team Ninja has done some amazing work thus far, and my anticipation level for Ninja Gaiden 2 is off the charts.

[via Kotaku]


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