Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Turning Sour on "Last Gen"

I'm shooting for 100% achievements in Dead Rising, and last night I went for the Indoorsman and Outdoorsman goals. I calculated that 24 hours in Dead Rising time is about 2 hours in real time. Wandering aimlessly for 4 total hours seemed like a waste of time, so I put Frank West out of harms way and decided to finally work on finishing my Xenosaga II game. Xenosaga III still lies in wait, afterall.

After trudging through the game and trying to remember how to play it, I began feeling severely unimpressed with not only this average-rated game, but the extremely-dated graphics (Ah! the characters have FLAT FACE!). To further exacerbate my waning opinion, the analog stick support was sub-par, there were no achievements, and I couldn't see which friends were online (or chat with them).

I remember how Final Fantasy X seemed like such a monumental leap over 7, 8, and 9. No PS2 game since then has really made me feel the same way. Every other equivalent experience I've had since have been on other consoles (Metroid Prime 1/2, Halo 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Resident Evil 4). Playing the PS2 just isn't fun for me anymore.

As previously mentioned, I still have a stack of last gen games to get through, but it really is doubtful that I will get to them. High Def, Xbox Live, XBLA, Achievements, and custom soundtracks have really done me in. I'm not quite ready to box up the 'cube, PS2 (all 3 of them), and original Xbox quite yet, but the countdown to their extinction has already begun in my world.

Note: The above picture is a collection of broken consoles. Like the PS2 pile?


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