Thursday, September 21, 2006

Too many choices in games and getting lost in the fray

Well, DemolitionNinja completed Enchanted Arms last night, and I'll just mention that homophobes the world over will run like girls when they see the "happy ending".

It's a bit difficult to locate desire to play the game since I've already seen the ending. But I did miss the middle portion and the Acheivements, so I'm sure I'll get around to it. The game's definitely not a keeper like FF7 or FF8.

Dead Rising arrived yesterday, although I'm only past saving the first two individuals on the roof. It's definitely different, but I'm disappointed at their in-game instructions. They aren't very clear, and it seems to me the controls and setup are more difficult than they had to be.

It was still amusing to run amuck smacking the dead upside the head.


Anyway, I love how people complain about the supposed "lack of releases", but I still have a collection of games I still have to play. I've not even played Enchanted Arms or Dead Rising for more than a couple of hours combined, and I almost bought Lego Star Wars II yesterday.

One thing that's crept up on my with the 360, is that I'm getting used to having too many choices. I can always throw in this or that game for regular play or achievements; not to mention play hours of XBLA. It's certainly ruined most of my desire to play the older consoles.

I really have to fight off the urge to keep buying new releases before I finish the old ones. And I can't really kill off the Gamecube, PS2, or Xbox yet because there's still a bunch of games I have to play there as well. Gah!


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