Friday, September 15, 2006

I don't make gaming plans for the weekend...

...because they never happen.

Lately, I've just been playing what I'm in the mood for. RPGs, although a personal favorite of mine, have been (temporarily) about as appealing as watching a leaky faucet drip. Ironically, I still have to play through Xenosaga II, Xenosaga III, and Enchanted Arms. They are the "new" games for me (sans Xenosaga II).

I'm still on an Achievements trip. Completing Full Auto was a long and arduous journey with little reward. I still have to get all "Full Auto" medals and hope that covers all the "Semi Auto" medals as well.

Achievements that bother me involve online multiplayer. It's not that I don't enjoy playing online, but there are some games I don't want to play hundreds of games of. Some of Perfect Dark Zero's online achievements would just be more tedious than challenging (such as get 1000 of such and such kills).

Back to my main topic, I'm enjoying getting Achievements across multiple games more than any single game right now. It leaves me with plenty of variety, and if I get burned out I can easily switch to a different game.

Admittedly, it is strange not to have focus on a particular game for once. Console transitional periods are always great times because so many games are available, and the not-so-new "current gen" systems have many good games on the cheap end. This leaves me with a pile of unplayed/to-be-played/need-to-finish games. While this sounds good, new games keep coming out and throwing me off track.

I did just purchase Dead Rising (via ebay), so maybe that will refocus my gaming attention.

So what am I playing this weekend they ask?

A little bit of everything. Kotaku has the right idea.


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