Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The PS3's supposed Halo-killer

Ah, I found something interesting finally.

I've been off and on about the PS3's first FPS game entitled, "Resistance: Fall of Man." Initially, I was gung-ho about the idea of blowing up aliens that vaguely resembled real ALIENS. After some disappointing (albeit lo-res) game footage, I had the feeling that Resistance was going to be Call of Duty 2 with aliens.'s preview of the game involves much praise (which will undoubtedly aid in some ridiculous hype). The game's developer, Insomniac, touts the game as being huge, and using over 20GB of space. With 40 person multiplayer, a ridiculous amount of levels, and the claim that the single player is just as good as the multiplayer, a "halo-killer" moniker was unavoidable. From the sound's of the preview though, Resistance could be an actual contender as opposed to Killzone's joke of an attempt at taking a stab at Bungie's prized franchise.

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Rather than competing with Halo, a game of this ilk could possible help it. You can be that the Bungie staff will see if there's any good ideas they can take from their competitor. Halo-fans have already speculated on huge 100-Spartan/elite battles, and I'm sure Bungie will definitely see how well this 40 player gaming works out. I'm already liking that the Chimera and Human models actually have notable pros and cons (Elites and Spartans play way too similar).

Oodles of potential, but will it matter? Devout Playstation fans scream and whine that FPS's need to stay the hell away from their console (they also claim that the Xbox 360 has no other genres). At the end of the year, only the hardest of "core" will be lucky enough to get a handle on their very own PS3 unit. With so few PS3's emerging this November, it's hard to imagine that we'll see high sales of PS3 games.

The console war may not be in full effect until the later half of next year, but it looks like the PS3 will at least have a few titles to box with. We'll see how much of an "uphill battle" Sony is really in.


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