Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sony is at it again; the girlfriend that won't go away

4 million PS3's by the end of the year? Not happening. Try half of that. So everyone gets the shaft, although Europe gets the brunt of it by being pushed aside until '07.

Some devout fanboys have even thrown in the towel. Analysts and fanboys are already attacking this news like rabid dogs.

Joystiq blogger Robert Summa asks us if we are ready to break up with Sony.

Here's some choice answers to the question:

Me break-up with Sony? Impossible. Why? Because I never was in a relationship with them. Sure, I had the 1-year fling with PS2. I didn't love the PS2, I was just using it for my own pleasures. I didn't care whether the PS2 thought I loved it or not. Now the PS2 is sitting behind my couch with a stack of its games, waiting to be sold back to Gamestop so I can use the credit to buy more Wii games than before.

I'm about to renew my vows with Nintendo. Wii will have a honeymoon that will last for years. -AlloyNES

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I lost interest in the console when Krazy Ken started spewing such wonderments as "The PS3 can connect up to seven wireless controllers!" and "The PS3 can push over 120 fps!" and "The PS3 will exist in the FOURTH DEMENSION!! O_O" Such blatent lies from the head honchos at Sony. At least Microsoft and Nintendo have the courage to step foreward at tell us that, yes, their consoles will in fact have limitations. -Raynre

"If games look great on the Playstation 3, people will buy it."

Games looked great on the Xbox and Gamecube. Better than the PS2 in several cases. It didn't change anything.

I don't need to break up with Sony. I ousted that low-quality-product-producing-money-pit long ago. Much before the PS3 and it's associated fiascos; try DRE's, rootkits, and failing proprietary formats (*cough* minidisc! *cough*). With short-lived amps, failing DVD players, and slow proprietary PCs to boot.

Sure, their Playstation daughter is fun to hang out with from time to time, but that's as far as our relationship will ever go at this point: We're just friends. -SuicideNinja

Interesting to say the least. So the PS3 will be about a year and a half later than the Xbox 360 in Europe. It seems to me that by the time the PS3 even gains its footing that the Xbox 720 will be the next spectacle wowing gamer eyes.

Exclusives are starting to get foggy as well, which is about all the PS3 has going for it. Any time you may be ready to stop "hanging out" with Playstation, it will come crying to you with a new Devil May Cry, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, or Final Fantasy. Since you've had good times in the past, you're willing to look past the stalkeresque nature of the Sony-labeled box. It wants you no matter what; do you have the strength to turn away completely?

I don't. I still need that PS FF fix. Unless of course I can get that fix on another console.

Note: Apologies for the crap-job I did on the pic with mspaint. It was all I had at the moment.


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