Thursday, August 31, 2006

Non-chrome controller shells coming (again)

I was not a fan of the Chrome 360 controller shells, but the above black-white-green combo is a bit more to my taste (but my stock guide button stays!).

I was also considering the Black Knight case, but realized that 90% of my 360 is already covered in a custom Aliens vs Predator "skin". I think that a set of black-on-white controllers would be fitting.

The one unfortunate thing about controller shells and replacement cases is they can't cover all the bases. Your memory card, remote, charger, batteries, HD-DVD drive, camera, steering wheel, etc. will still be white.

I'm surprised Microsoft didn't come up with controllers-with-faceplates to take advantage of this idea. Hell, they could have made face-plates for all the accessories that had a base color of white. A good sign would have been that the intial groups of controller faceplates sold out, and haven't been seen since.


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