Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BC update brings us Counterstrike (finally)

Most of the major sites are reporting that we are getting a Xbox 360 BC update..

There's still no "Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks" but we do finally get to play Counterstrike. I bet a lot of people are burned out on that one, although it is a nice break from Halo 2.

Half Life 2 (Updated), Lego Star Wars II, and the Suffering are also worth a mention.

Other than the aforementioned MK:SM, some games I would like to see in the future are: the Suffering: The Ties that Bind, Legend of Dragoon: Orta, Prince of Persia 2/3, Psychonauts, and Indigo Prophecy.

If you want a printout, visit Major Nelson to get the full BC list in PDF form for your "shopping for old treasures" adventures.

Update: Did anybody notice that Lego Star Wars II isn't even out yet, but it is on the BC list? Did Microsoft work with them to ensure BC? Too bad they didn't do this with some other games.


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