Monday, August 21, 2006

HD-DVD player on a Sony TV, no Bluray player in sight

Interesting. I saw the $500 HD-DVD player playing through a Sony television in Sears yesterday. Even more interesting: they were just playing a regular DVD in it.

I looked for a Bluray unit and there wasn't one to be found.

Still, it's a little funny that the HD-DVD player was connected to it's competitor's television. I wonder if I'll see a Bluray player hooked up to a Toshiba television?

What's more important is that consumers and retailers aren't associating the manufacturer's to the products. My friend mentioned to me that only I would see the irony in competing company's products working together, because most people wouldn't know who makes what.

I really wanted to go around asking random people if they knew what Bluray was, and then ask them if they knew what HD-DVD was. If more than a couple people surveyed knew what Bluray was, I would be really surprised.

If I was right, then I don't necessarily think we'll see people buying PS3's just for the Bluray player.

Edit: Check out; the format has been updated


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