Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bluray not really moving units...HD-DVD FTW? is reporting slow hardware sales for Bluray as opposed to immediate sellout for HD-DVD.

At Value Electronics, which specializes in selling HDTVs in its Scarsdale, N.Y., store and online, initial Blu-ray player sales have been slow, president Robert Zohn said. Of the 12 Samsung players in stock, Zohn has sold only two.

On the other hand, he can’t keep HD DVD in stock. “HD DVD players are selling even better now given the poor reviews” of Blu-ray, Zohn said, adding, “We’re well-known for HD DVD.”

This goes along with an article I wrote earlier about Bluray to HD-DVD comparisons. We should keep an eye on for trend references.

I've got to quote myself from a previous article, because it is a good question:
More companies are behind Bluray, but more consumers seem to be behind HD-DVD. Which is more important?

I'm still voting for a dual failure...


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