Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PS3 cannot save the world

Clint DeBoer at claims that HD-DVD and Bluray have already failed.

We have consistently heard it said that the Playstation3 will “jump start” the market by flooding it with millions of gaming systems capable of handling Blu-ray Disc software. The problem with this theory is that the PS3 is not being marketed as a home theater component and, if current installations prove the rule, most will not be situated in the average consumer’s living room. The result is that the PS3 will primarily be a *gasp* gaming system. Maybe I have a more traditional group of parents in my association of friends, but, taking into account #4 above, I do not think that Blu-ray will make any major leaps forward in market penetration as a home video format – at least not anytime soon.

So obvious, but so ignored. Good call, Clint.

I agree; the PS3 having Bluray will be great for Playstation fans if Bluray makes the cut. But it won't be a centerpiece of magic; it will just be a bonus feature that could possibly be ignored.


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