Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mini-hiatus coming

For starters, I must say that Tomb Raider: Legend is enjoyable to me. Finally, a TR that was produced that I like. I've gone through a few levels, and I agree with the positive reviews it has received. Therefore, instead of saying anything special, I'll just say that the game is good for a rental or purchase.

Anyway, I'm a little burned out at the moment. I guess I need some R & R, which isn't going to happen, but I'm going to attend some of my other hobbies.

I don't plan on eclipsing the site like my favorite, as I'll still end up reading about the industry on my breaks at work. If something I find is really interesting, I'll post about it. Otherwise, I'm not going to put a concerted effort forth for about a week or two. The great part is, nobody cares if I'm posting anyway, but I'll be "proper" and announce my "vacation".

Keep on gaming, "I'll be back."


Anonymous Sense said...

8-bit Ninja is open for business again, BTW. :)

4:01 PM  

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