Friday, July 21, 2006 goers, don't fret

A negative air generally hovers over Some commenters continuously cry foul merely because there is an abundance of negative Sony news as of late. Beyond that, commenters who feel the negative press is justified often get accosted and instantly labeled as PS3 haters. It can be a flamepit at times, albeit mostly a shallow one.

I've also seen some wonder why has a mostly positive air hovering over it in comparison. Most of the comments and articles are positive. The commenters stay on topic more. 360 owners on XBL are already in a community as well, so there is already a sense of brotherhood.

This should make the reason for the grim feel become obvious. The PS3 is not in our grubby hands yet, while the 360 is. With the PS3, we're left reading about Sony's PR nightmares, seeing limited screenshots, and hearing about expenses we'll need to endure in the future. All of that instead of actually playing the games. How could there not be frustration in that?

Fear not. There is only a short 4 months to go before the PS3 is available to at least some gamers. Those who are lucky enough to procure the probably-elusive PS3 will likely share the experience with the not-so-lucky. As games are playable and actual features are discovered, there is guaranteed to be a surge of solid news coming that can't possibly be all doom and gloom.

I know I've presented myself as a very anti-Sony individual. I have my reasons. However, gaming is still gaming whether it is provided by a company I like or not. I actually do want those genuinely excited by the PS3 to get what they desire for themselves out of the console. I'm still interested in the PS3, but I'm not happy about Bluray and how Sony is handling the console overall. No matter.

PS3 fanboys: you only have to hold out a little bit longer.


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