Friday, July 21, 2006

AMD merging with ATI? How would that affect consoles? reports that AMD and ATI are meeting behind the scenes to discuss a possible merger.

Everyone has an opinion of the AMD vs Intel and ATI vs nVidia debates. I find AMD processors to perform better, but Intel processors seem to be more reliable. For me, it's a home vs business issue respectively. As for the ATI/nVidia scene, I don't have a preference.

My question is, would this have an effect on our beloved consoles? ATI does do the GPUs for the 360 and the Wii (nVidia does the PS3's), yet IBM does the processors for all of the next generation consoles. Obviously, this generation will pan out without changes, but what about the future?

Could the Xbox 720, PS4, and Nintendo WiiWii sport an AMD processor? Maybe some befangled Athlon 128 Octuple core? A direct combo of ATI & AMD could allow for better hardware deals to our console makers as opposed to the current situation of mixing and matching CPUs and GPUs. Interesting possibilities!


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