Tuesday, July 18, 2006

PSP owners, it's time to move on...

Thomas Barton at (Gameworld Network) depressingly summarizes the PSP's probable future demise. The overview of the PSP's many faults are obvious, but he does introduce pricing comparisons and format competitions into the picture.

Important points:
  • Games cost more to develop leaving less return for publishers

  • No Killer App now or lined up in the future

  • Game sales are low

  • Too many watered down ports

  • UMD sales declining

  • Higher hardware costs for less gaming

  • High Load Times

  • Low Battery Life

Good, but too late?
  • PSX Emulation of 7000 games on the way (hopefully)

  • Great device for hackers/homebrewers

  • GPS and Camera on the way

Points I want to add:
  • The LCD screen is extremely cheap (ghosting, blurriness)

  • UMD movies costs more than DVD versions that have more features

  • Memory Sticks cost way more than standard SD or CF memory

  • It's difficult to keep homebrew because of forced updates

Regrettably, I am in full agreeance with Mr. Barton. The PSP has been completely outshined by the DS in their respective first years. While the ideas behind the PSP were very tantalizing, the execution has failed miserably and has possibly reached the point of no recovery.

Thomas suggests that you trade in your PSP while it's still worth money. I would have to agree if your funding is limited. The funds would be better put towards a DS, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. I'm not going to give up yet, because I find the PSP worth my $125 entry fee (I love ebay). But rather than allowing your dusty PSP lose any further value, you may consider just moving on. Tell it you love it, and it has been fun, but it's time for you to seek other opportunities.


Anonymous Weymaster said...

You think the LCD on the PSP is cheap? Do you even have one?

I can't argue with some of the points because the PSP is very far from being perfect but the LCD screen is nothing less than amazing, one of the very few good points it has.

I never seen any blurriness nor ghosting. Maybe I'm just lucky... Or maybe you don't have a clue about what you are talking about.

He dicho.

6:13 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

The PSP screen is very cheap. The refresh rate is horrible, and combined with the low frames in movies and some games, it doesn't make for a pleasant experience. It makes sense, however; a quality screen would have upped the price. My room mates have had their PSP's since launch, and they feel the same way about the screen. It does have great color, but when gaming you are hardly looking at a static image. I think most people are initially impressed merely because of the size.

I've not seen a UMD movie that doesn't exacerbate these problems yet. Tony Hawk Underground Remix is painfully affected by this problem. However, with puzzle and 2D games, the problem isn't as noticeable.

I have a version 1.5 PSP, and emulate 2.71. I have the flip-up Pelican cover for it to protect the screen, a charging station, all kinds of retractable cords, a 256MB duo, and a 2GB duo. I have Splinter Cell Essentials, Prince of Persia Revelations, Mecury, Lumines, Burnout, and AVP (movie).

It just seems to be yet another Playstation money-pit to me really. At this point I'm just in it for the coming exclusive FF7 game and the portable emulators.

3:56 PM  

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