Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Everyone is missing something

So what DON'T the new consoles have to offer now, and in the future?

PS3: The only new console without rumble.

Xbox 360: The only new console without motion control.

Wii: The only new console without HD support.

Those seem to be the big points. However, Sony could add rumble later, just as Microsoft could add motion control later. Nintendo cannot add HD support later though.

One would think that adding at least 720p support to the Wii would be doable. The original Xbox could it. An immediate assumption would be that the similarly powered Wii hardware could handle it, too.

Are rumble, motion control, and High Definition necessary? 2 out of 3 new consoles have each of these. Is the respective "odd man out" console to suffer in each case?
We hate waiting for answers. But it's good for our...anticipation skills, no?


Anonymous Shadowstorm said...

I doubt Microsoft would want to add motion sensing to their controllers anyway, it'd be ripping off of Nintendo just as Sony did. The Xbox 360's controller was built around FPS's, not around games that would take advantage of motion sensing technology.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

I should point out a misconception:

The Xbox controllers is built around FPS's? Is this idea is alluded to because several of the popular titles for the Xbox are FPS's?

Just because the Xbox's flagship title is an FPS doesn't mean that the controller was "built for FPS" games. That idea seems to partially come from the placement of analog sticks. But even the Gamecube had the same thumbstick layout as the Xbox.

The d-pad is an old technology, and fewer games are relying on it for the main directional control. God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, and Splinter Cell all use the analog sticks for directional control and the d-pad as "hotkeys for items/weapons. None of those games are FPS's. I guess that leaves the PS3 controller built around "old d-pad style gaming"?

The "triggers" could be argued in favor of the "Xbox controller is built for FPS" claim, but the Gamecube and Wii have triggers as well. So does the "new" PS3 controller.

Anyway, you'd have to say that the PS3 controller isn't built around games that would take advantage of motion sensing technology to be fair. The layout between the PS3 and 360 controllers only differs by the left analog/d-pad placement.

I do agree that Microsoft doesn't have a desire to add motion sensing. It doesn't make sense until the concept has become mainstream (which will probably happen via the Wii).


5:20 PM  

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