Saturday, July 01, 2006

How the Next Gen consoles fail to be "future proof"


802.11g wireless

The highest speed this runs is 54Mbps. That's almost half of the standard Fast Ethernet (100Mbps wired). 802.11n runs at 100+Mbps is just around the corner. A USB adapter is feasible, but you're paying for this permanent installation.


It cannot be future-proof until the format is popular and established. This could potentially take longer than the PS3's life-cycle. A better description would be "future-resistant" as there are viable threats (HD-DVD, Holographic, Downloadable Content). "Future-proof" and "Gamble" aren't terms that should be used to describe the same product.

Cell Processor

Sony has been unable to prove that it is viable for gaming with it's single core processor. Microsoft says the Cell is the weaker processor of the two. Although the report was provided by Microsoft, the architecture of the processors would seem to agree for their comparisons. The real question is: What is more important, number-crunching or general purpose processing? The answer is: We'll see how developers do. Again, "future-resistant".

No HDMI port ('tard "Core" PS3)

Sony's hooplah about "True HD" at 1080p sure isn't in the vision for this one. There are a few televisions that support 1080p over component, but they do not do it well; you'd be better off with 720p. It's evident that more and more televisions are going the HDMI route as well.

Xbox 360


This isn't upgradeable as Microsoft has committed to the format for games. DVD9, although probably enough for this generation, can't be considered future-proof unless Bluray/HD-DVD meets demise before the next iteration of the console.

100Mbps Fast Ethernet

1000Mbps is up and coming, but not widely accepted. A USB adapter is feasible, but you're paying for this permanent installation unlike their wireless adapter.


No HD support

The Wii doesn't support High Definition. SDTV's are on the way out and being replaced by HDTV sets as we speak. It doesn't get more prone to outdated-ness than this.

"Broadway" CPU

This may simply not have enough processing power. Information thus far would lead one to believe that the Wii will have a 729Mhz processor. Others suggest almost 2Ghz. If it isn't multiple cores, then a multitasking future for it may be bleak.

Built-in wireless

Same problems as the Premium PS3. 802.11n is the future.


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