Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Post on how Sony is letting Microsoft Win

Sam Kennedy, a editor, wrote good post that nearly mirrors my opinion of the whole Sony vs Microsoft fiasco thus far. He is fair and unbiased, which may be easy to miss if you do not read the whole post.

I'll warn you now, however, that his post is really long.'s almost as if Sony are completely banking on brand loyalty and Blu-Ray.

Sony needs more "Emotion Engine" -- catchy hyperbole to make us think we're buying something truly revolutionary, no matter how bullshit it really is.

Stop insulting our intelligence, stop pretending you're something that you're not, and start sharing your true vision for the future of gaming and beyond. People are always more than willing to pay extra for cool, even $200 more, but they need to wholeheartedly believe in what they're supporting. Sony, you need to make PlayStation cool again.

Well said.

06/27/2006 Edit: Fixed some html errors.


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