Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sony is Super-innovative...

Not that I would accuse gamers of ACTUALLY thinking that the PS3 controller is super-revolutionary. I mean, it looks exactly the same as the PS1's Dualshock controller.

Somewhat relevant question: Isn't Sony the first console-maker to essentially use the exact same form-factor for their controllers for multiple generations?

Most people scream foul that Sony stole Nintendo's idea. But this simple type of motion control has been around for years. Microsoft had a motion controller before we even knew about the Revolution Wii controller or the "new" PS3 controller. It can be agreed however, that Sony suddenly having a motion-sensing controller is a bit too convenient.

And we already knew that Immersion can do rumble and motion sensing in the same controller. The video brings the valid point of, "Why remove rumble?" Immersion lawsuit? Probably.

A comment I made on the loss of rumble:
The current PS3 controller design requires more input but provides less feedback. How does that sound more immersive or innovative?

I just keep thinking of playing Shadow of the Colossus without removes the earth-shattering Colossi experience...


The consumer gets smarter every year. And those who sported the first Playstation are now older and wiser. Yet Sony insists on continually insulting it's followers with lies, far-fetched claims, and unwarranted high prices.



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