Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Impending Video Game Crash

David Wong has an article on his grim prediction of the video game industry.

The gist of the article is that gaming is in a rut. There's nothing new coming to the novelty of gaming. Graphics improve, but the core video game goes essentially unchanged. It's not enough to bring new gamers in hordes. To make matters worse, the aging gamer is losing time and money to spend on their beloved hobby.

Overall, I find his opinion is definitely valid. Below are some good excerpts:
...most people are only playing games for the novelty of it.

Which brings us to today. We've now advanced from realistic 3D to slightly prettier 3D and... even slightlier prettier 3D with slightly better reflection effects and slightly better animated water ripples and - oh, look! This game has the most realistic fog yet!

The current generation was novel because it introduced the world to adult games. The Grand Theft Auto series carried the PS2, with the ability to abuse prostitutes in ways that Mario only did off-camera.

The problem is Nintendo is still so neglectful of older gamers that it borders on hostility.

There's just too many good parts. I'd like to quote it all! Brilliant article, read it now.


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