Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tetris DS vs Lumines

Ever since I obtained my PSP, I've been playing a game of Lumines before I went to bed.

The game is addicting, and it is about the only thing I play on the PSP at the moment. Yes, I have other games and other games on the way.

Ever since I've had my 360, my DS has been essentially ignored unless someone else was using the TV (which doesn't happen very often). I bought Metroid Prime Hunters, but decided to wait until I get a DS Lite to further my gameplay (hand cramps).

I haven't been into a DS puzzler since Meteos. So I decided to give Tetris DS a go several days ago. Good glory, no blurry loading screens. Simple and effective menus with a handful of game choices.

Aside from the "catch" mode, I like every other mode. "Push" is probably my favorite. That's a whole hell of a lot of Tetris though. The prevalent Nintendo themes were a nice touch as well. Online multiplayer kicks ass, too.

Lumines has officially been replaced for me.

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