Tuesday, June 06, 2006

HD-DVD vs Bluray release lists



This is what sucks about format wars. There are good movies on both sides of the fence. The question is, are people ready to abandon DVD in favor of these new formats? Consumers still need to upgrade to HDTVs first, and hopefully they get one with an HDCP supporting HDMI/DVI port.

Let's not forget that the players will continue to be 'spensive for a while. Before someone interjects, yes they could buy a PS3 for Bluray. Although not all movie buffs are gamers, would they still purchase a PS3 for movie playback? Which brings a good point: Is the Trojan Horse 2-way? Can it get non-gamers gaming I wonder?

And on another note, do any of these releases have the DVD version embedded (I've only found one)? Hybrid discs allow consumers to start collecting up now, and still be able to watch before they even get an HD-DVD player.

It still seems to be a rocky road for consumers. I'm still crossing my fingers for both formats to fail for movies, but these things are hardly predictable.


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