Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sony's image in decline and the PS3 gamble

"What is Sony?" asked Hitoshi Kuriyama, an analyst with Merrill Lynch. "We don't even know anymore. Consumers used to pay more because the brand meant something special."

This is true. I used to think that Sony products were top-of-the-line items. But after disappointments and frustrations with their home audio, car audio, desktop PCs, laptop, video game hardware, DVD/media players, and proprietary formats, it is really difficult to hold Sony in the same regard. Aside from TVs and Camera equipment, Sony products seem to poorly perform and be lower in quality than their competition.

Nowadays, no single brand seems to do it all well. Brands I support include RCA, Samsung, Dell, Sharp, and Clarion. As for gaming, I still think Nintendo makes the quality products and has the best customer service.

[Ken Kutaragi] has also said the PS3 is "not a game machine." Rather, he says, it is a "machine with supercomputer calculation capabilities for home entertainment.

Hence forth, I dub Sony's Next Gen console as the BlurayStation. No longer shall gaming be the primary function of a gaming console! It will be for overpriced-barely-better-than-DVD movies!

For the sake of easy reference, we may shorten the name appropriately to BS3! Those sly pre-rendering pricks! =)

Sorry. I'm just getting annoyed by Sony saying that it isn't a gaming console.


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